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For The First Time In Ages, MusicMan Has Released

A New Generation Of Their Flagship Model Bass, The StingRay 4/5.
This Legendary Bass Has Been An Industry Standard World-Wide For Over 40 Years!
See New Info, Specs, And A Demo By Clicking Here.

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Skyline 44-51 P bass

Skyline 44-51 P bass
Pick up a Lakland Skyline 44-51 solidbody electric bass and get most the qualities that have made the US-made 44-51 one of Lakland's most popular bass guitar models to date. Patterned after the original 1951 electric bass, this P Bass style bass guitar gives you the clarity, punch, and drive that's formed the beating heart of rock, pop, metal, and many other modern musical styles. Once you get a dose of what your Skyline 44-51 bass's Split Coil NeoPunch Humcanceller pickups can do, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one. Add to that Lakland's dual-access bridge, and you've got the best combination of vintage P Bass tone and modern stability when you take the stage with your Lakeland Skyline 44-51 electric bass.
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Lakland Skyline "P" 44-51 (Trans Butterscotch)
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