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Detroit Muscle Series:R/T Collection

Detroit Muscle Series:R/T Collection
The G&L Detroit Muscle Series: R/T Collection The G&L Detroit Muscle Series draws inspiration from some of the most iconic and sought-after American muscle cars of the 1960s -- the very same cars that have fueled the modern day resto-mod car scene that is thriving right here in Southern California, home of G&L Musical Instruments. The G&L Detroit Muscle Series gets pumped up with the R/T Collection by combining four historic Mopar colors with six legendary G&L models. G&L has turned to Mitch Lanzini, owner of world famous Lanzini Body Works (featured on TV's Overhaulin' show) to provide expert guidance and ensure these high performance G&L's sport the exact paint hues for Sublime Green, Go Mango, Plum Crazy and Panther Pink on the ASAT Special, ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90, Fallout, Legacy, Legacy HB and LB-100 Bass. Each model features a color-matched headstock and 1-ply black pickguard for a clean, sleek look. The R/T Collection celebrates wild child of the Detroit Big Three during the psychedelic era. From Flower Power to HEMI power, Chrysler was the only car maker to fully embrace all sides of the youth movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s. These four Mopar colors flout convention and command authority, just like the Dodge Scat Pack did in 1970. Panther Pink looked wicked wrapped around a thundering HEMI Charger R/T. Trans Am wouldn’t have been nearly as cool without Sam Posey’s Sublime Green Challenger T/A tearing up the track. Nothing sounded at sweet as the honeyed exhaust tones of a SIX PACK Vitamin-C Super Bee. A Plum Crazy HEMI Challenger was as stunning as it was furious. And now, these live-out-loud colors bring their high energy vibe to you favorite G&L model. While the colors pack '60s nostalgia, the power and handling of G&L instruments will alter your mind, just like the legendary Mopar machines did in their time. Unique high-performance features include a Leo Fender-designed Saddle Lock Bridge with chrome-plated brass saddles (ASAT Special/Fallout/LB-100), a Leo Fender-designed Dual Fulcrum vibrato with forged brass saddles (Legacy/Legacy HB), a heavy-duty Boxed Steel Bridge with individual brass saddles (ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90) for enhanced sustain and tuning stability. Throw in Plek fret processing, and of course, legendary G&L craftsmanship and these ground-pounding classics are sure to out-perform the competition.