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DNA DNS 112 Bass Speaker Cabinet (NEO) 8 Ω

SKU: $779.00
DNA DNS 112 Bass Speaker Cab (NEO) Power Handling: 450 W RMS - 900 W Peak Impedance: 8 Sensitivity: 99dB @2.
83V/1M SPL: 129 dB SPL max Frequency Response: 32Hz to 14KHz Size: 14.
5"H x 21"W x 16"D Weight: 34lb Coverage Pattern: 60 degree Tuning: 40 HZ Flaired port The DNS-112 has already set a new standard for high performance and tone quality.
It has become the number one favorite with many bass players.
We've heard from bassists who are using the DNS-112 on the road and into the studio and they tell us that they can't believe just how amazing it is.
They describe how incredibly loud and percussive the DNS-112 is in a live music performance.
They also talk a lot about the superb overall tone character and quality.
Many players purchase two of these cabinets and stack them when they want the ultimate powerhouse rig.
It has exceptional balance and an unbelievably expressive response.
The DNS-112 was designed to have a seamless interaction between its custom 900 Watt 12-inch speaker and the low distortion neodymium compression tweeter.
All this delivers so much transparency and tone quality that you can hear all the component notes in a complex jazz chord, and yet you can still slam the boom into the back of the room.
The musicality of the DNS-112 will surprise impress and you.
The DNS-112 is available with either neodymium or ceramic speakers, based on availability.
Please check with your authorized DNA dealer for availability of speaker types
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