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Epifani Piccolo 555 w/ 1000 Watt Upgrade

SKU: $999.00
Epifani Piccolo 555 Bass Amplifier

Introducing the new Piccolo Bass Amplifier. Piccolo is designed to deliver world-class sound whether you're playing stadium rock or smoky jazz. A finely tuned 4-band EQ gives you the power to sculpt your tone for any room, any style. And, with up to 550+ watts of pure power, you can push multiple speaker cabinets to fill any space with warm lows, biting mids, and soaring highs. Piccolo packs more professional features into its portable, 4.5 pound frame than any other amp, like an effects loop, voltage selector*, active/passive input, and a powerful mid-cut you can activate with a foot switch to bring out that killer slap tone right when you need it. And Piccolo features our critically acclaimed Vintage Tone circuit. Turn it on and an analog tube emulator rounds the edges and warms your sound for that quintessential 70's tone. Epifani Piccolo 555 Amp with Mod to 1000 Watts 4 pounds (1.8 kg) Epifani EQ, Mid-Scoop, and Vintage Circuit Sale $999 Carry bags available, $79