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Acoustic Image Ten 2EX

SKU: $759.00
Sale Price $759

Acoustic Image Ten 2EX Bass Speaker Cab Provides
*A new standard in portability and power
*A full frequency range cabinet appropriate for all instruments and for vocals
*Just 14 inches tall and 27 lbs
*Delivers more of the transparent AI sound
*Two 10 inch woofers, one front firing, one downfiring Coaxial 2.5 inch tweeter with attenuation switch
Exclusive Room Coupling Control(tm) reduces boominess in problem acoustic settings
*Ideal match for AI heads. Combines with AI 1x10 combos to form a 3x10 “stack”
*Can be upgraded to combo configuration (factory upgrade)
*Also available as a “Cabrio-ready”cabinet with amp docking system installed ($849 list price)
*Comes with fitted slip cover